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HansaWorld is able to work seamlessly with major ZIMRA authorised fiscal devices.

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ABS has over 10 years experience as a reseller for HansaWorld. This CRM and ERP Accounting package has been sold to a wide variety of customers all with differing business requirements, such as POS, Hotel and Management Accounting.

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About HansaWorld

Corporate profile

HansaWorld is a major international software company Specialising in business applications. The group employs around 300 people in a strong network of daughter companies and distribution partners in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The group was founded in Sweden in 1988, by Managing Director Karl Bohlin. While the group is now headquartered offshore, the largest offices and much of the development effort takes place in Scandinavia and around the Baltic Sea. Experienced local product managers adapt the products according to local laws and business practices.

The products are available in 31 languages and work with almost all computers and Operating systems. The vast majority of the 75,000 HansaWorld installations are for small and medium sized businesses, but also for many multinational subsidiaries..of large international companies.

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Product Strategy

HansaWorld’s advanced and successful user interface was first developed for Apple Macintosh in 1988. In 1994, when the program was ported to Windows, it had already been proved by thousands of users. HansaWorld’s experience with international sales and modern technology puts it in the perfect position to meet the challenges of the next decade. HansaWorld provides a wide range of technologies for e-business including internal and external email, several web shop solutions and PDA support. In addition, HansaWorld can help to build a corporate portal.

HansaWorld is developed using C++ as its programming language, and proprietary technology for database design and for network communication. This allows HansaWorld to have the same products available for several different operating systems, each version optimised for maximum performance.

Currently HansaWorld is available for Windows 2000–XP, including Windows 7, Mac OS X and UNIX, including Linux, Sun, and Symbian S60, Series80. HansaWorld is IBM eServer proven, running on xSeries, pSeries, iSeries and zSeries.

As there were so few financial solutions available on the Mac platform, we did consider installing PC systems to make our selection process easier, though such a change posed huge cost implications. However, Hansa presented us with the only viable alternative that complied with our preference to continue operating on a Mac network, at an extremely competitive price.

Caroline Airey,
Finance Manager at Impact

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