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ABS have now initiated a new support ticketing system. This will enable us to respond to our customers' issues quickly and efficiently.

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Full details can be found on our support page.

ABS has over 10 years experience as a reseller for HansaWorld. This CRM and ERP Accounting package has been sold to a wide variety of customers all with differing business requirements, such as POS, Hotel and Management Accounting.

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Latest News

Fiscal Years & Number Series

It is that time of year again when you head off on your Christmas break and return to find out that you can't save an Invoice in HansaWorld!

There are few settings in HansaWorld to change now that will save you the hassle in the New Year.

Fiscal Years

Depending on your version of HansaWorld your Fiscal Years will either be in:

Module > Nominal Ledger > Settings > Fiscal Years

Module > System > Settings > Fiscal Years

BE CAREFUL not to change any existing Fiscal Years, only create a new record.

Number Series

In almost every module under Settings you have the option to set number series for a particular register.
E.g Module > Sales Ledger > Settings > Number Series - Invoices.

Number Series allow you to define a number range and date range to use for a register. By controlling this setting you can prevent transactions being entered with incorrect dates E.g. 18/12/2020 and also use it to close off a month or year for accounting purposes.

As you can see in the below image, our Number Series will prevent any invoices being enter with a date of 01/01/2014 onwards. To change this enter a new 'To' date and click save.

Number Series - Invoices

You will need to repeat this for every module you use, please see below a common list of modules to check:

Sales Order
Sales Ledger
Purchase Orders
Purchase Ledger
Nominal Ledger
Job Costing

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HansaWorld External E-mail

As you are probably aware, Royal Mail postage charges increased 30th April. First class letters have increased from 46p to 60p, and second class letters have increased from 36p to 50p.

If, for example, your business sends 100 first class and 50 second class letters each week (for invoices, statements etc), the postage cost will have increased from £3328 to £4420 per annum, which is an increase of £1092. To compare with your own business usage, for every 100 letters sent per week it's an annual increase of £728, whether first or second class. And remember, these figures don't include the cost of paper, envelopes, ink and time.

Why not consider buying the HansaWorld External E-mail Module from ABS at a fraction of the cost? It could be as little as a one off charge of £750 to set up, and an annual maintenance charge of only £112.50. That's a huge saving on using traditional mail, even before the postage increase. And sending e-mails is extremely quick and easy in HansaWorld. ABS has also written an additional feature which allows you to specify the e-mail address to which different documents are sent, which could be extremely useful if invoices, statements and remittances need to go to different people.

If you think the HansaWorld Exernal E-mail Module is something that could really benefit your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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HansaWorld has recorded between 5% and 15% growth each year since 1995, and the software which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms – is known for its exceptional functionality and breadth. 95% of implementations are completed on time and under budget, and upgrades are released every nine months.

Customers interviewed to support HansaWorld’s nomination said they most valued its flexibility, high level of integration and value for money. Matti Zadok of Experian Integration Marketing said the firm was “not aware of any other systems on which we could have achieved so much for anything like the money we have paid for HansaWorld.”

“Everything works in a truly integrated manner,” says Roger Cherowbrier of Topcon. 'We are very impressed with the different levels of analysis offered by HansaWorld. We can assess the turnover and profitability of everything we do.'

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About HansaWorld

HansaWorld is an international business software company, established in 1988 in Sweden and now active in around 90 countries. The company provides integrated Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management solutions together with a wide selection of industry-specific tools. The products work on all major platforms and allow convenient and fast mobile use over the internet via laptops, PDAs and Nokia business phones. The software is available in 27 languages and has been installed at more than 67,000 customer sites.

As there were so few financial solutions available on the Mac platform, we did consider installing PC systems to make our selection process easier, though such a change posed huge cost implications. However, Hansa presented us with the only viable alternative that complied with our preference to continue operating on a Mac network, at an extremely competitive price.

Caroline Airey,
Finance Manager at Impact

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