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HansaWorld is able to work seamlessly with major ZIMRA authorised fiscal devices.

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ABS has over 10 years experience as a reseller for HansaWorld. This CRM and ERP Accounting package has been sold to a wide variety of customers all with differing business requirements, such as POS, Hotel and Management Accounting.

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ABS is a business solution provider dedicated to integrated business solutions based on the advanced HansaWorld Business Management software. Our products include packaged software as well as custom development and professional services including project management, business and management consulting, change management and accounting as well as other consulting services

Business IS Concept

> Team of IT and accounting specialists

> Objective

• Provide a ‘one stop’ solution for all your IS needs

> Experience

• Over 60 years combined experience in SME environments
• Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Distribution, Banking,
   Accounting, Pharmaceutical, Mining and related industries

Combined IS Experience

• Hardware technical support, repair and maintenance
• Networking Infrastructure – WAN, LAN, wireless
• Server Platform OS – Unix, Linux, Novell, Windows Server
• RDMS platforms – Pervasive, ORACLE, INFORMIX, MS SQL, HDB
• Software products – Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources,
   Manufacturing, Job costing, Workshop, POS, Retail, Logistics,
   Distribution, Hotel & Restaurant, ATM Banking
• Development platforms – COBOL, C, C++, Clipper, VB, SQL, VB

Combined Specialist Skills

• Project Management
• Business Needs / Systems Analysis
• Business Process Management /Re-Engineering
• Change Management
• Business Development
• Middle-Level Management Training
• IT Training, Disaster Recovery, IT Security
• Web design
• Chartered Accountants
• HR Support


• HansaWorld IBP Software
• DataAssist Geo Spatial Business Intelligence Tools

We have offices in:

-UK : London
-Zimbabwe : Harare
-Zimbabwe : Bulawayo

ABS also has business partners in various towns assisting with onsite technical support if necessary. Furthermore, we work with Realtime Byes who are with trusted hardware and networking partners to fulfil all your IT requirements.

As there were so few financial solutions available on the Mac platform, we did consider installing PC systems to make our selection process easier, though such a change posed huge cost implications. However, Hansa presented us with the only viable alternative that complied with our preference to continue operating on a Mac network, at an extremely competitive price.

Caroline Airey,
Finance Manager at Impact

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