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ABS has over 10 years experience as a reseller for HansaWorld. This CRM and ERP Accounting package has been sold to a wide variety of customers all with differing business requirements, such as POS, Hotel and Management Accounting.

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Enterprise Resources Planning - five important points

Five things to bear in mind before you start choosing your ERP software.

  1. Analyse your needs

    Don't rush into choosing your Enterprise Resources Planning software. Replacing your current systems with a completely new set of processes is a real challenge - no matter what size your business is. You need to plan carefully and involve key people within your organisation so that the project can run as smoothly as possible. Analysing your needs is an important part of this process. Remember to keep an open mind, however, because it's unlikely that you'll find an ERP software solution that will fit exactly with your current business practices. Instead, you'll need to be prepared to change some of those practices in order to make the most of your new software. A software vendor will be better placed to help you if you can produce an analytical list of requirements.

  2. Timing

    Timing is important on several different levels. Firstly, you need to have a timetable in place that takes account of the planning process, the method of testing and selecting the software and the implementation of the solution across your business. Depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of the Enterprise Resources Planning software you choose, this timetable could cover 12 months or more. Like any project, it's important to build some contingency into your timetable, to allow for any problems that may cause a delay. Finally, don't forget to introduce your new ERP software during a quiet time for your business. The end of your financial year, or key times in your business cycle should be avoided.

  3. Realistic

    Don't try and accomplish a project on this scale too quickly or without carrying out the necessary planning first. You have to be realistic about the potential difficulties and challenges involved in changing to ERP software, and about the changes that may have to be made to the way some of your departments operate in order to make the new system as effective as possible. Trying to implement the software too quickly, or without the appropriate communication will result in corners being cut, and problems arising in all areas of your project.

  4. Support from the top

    You need to have support from the senior management of your business or organisation for your project to work. Not only because it is both time and money consuming, but because the implementation of ERP software can be disruptive to the business in the short-term. Having the clear support from the senior team will allow you to plan more effectively and ensure that the change from one system to another is a seamless as possible.

  5. Risk management

    There are risks associated with changing to ERP software just as there are with any business change. Be sure that you have covered these risks in your planning, and that you draw up a disaster recovery plan so that your business can continue to operate if the system fails for any reason. Enterprise Resources Planning software can help you to make your business more efficient and support its growth, but you should still plan for an eventuality when the software is out of action.

  6. At ABS Software Integration, we are dedicated to finding the best business software solution for your needs. We've been serving clients for over 17 years and we're proud of the results we can achieve for our customers and the way we build relationships in order to help you make your business more efficient.

    To find out more, call us on 01296 696700 or you can email us for sales at sales@abslimited.co.uk or support@abslimited.co.uk for technical support.

As there were so few financial solutions available on the Mac platform, we did consider installing PC systems to make our selection process easier, though such a change posed huge cost implications. However, Hansa presented us with the only viable alternative that complied with our preference to continue operating on a Mac network, at an extremely competitive price.

Caroline Airey,
Finance Manager at Impact

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